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Dr Gary A.S. “Hey Connie, nice to see you. Just wondered if you have checked out our Living with AS section, in the…”
WASHED OUT I.B.S. “Hello Lin I have RA and type 1.5 diabetes, colitis and probably ankylosing spondylitis. Have you joined Diabetes Connect ?”
aleahk Introducing myself “Welcome Anna-Carin! We're happy to have you here. I'm the community manager, so feel free to message me if you…”
Heather Murrell Hi Everyone!! Nice to meet you! “ALL I know is THANK GOODNESS my Doctor after many many years found a med that I'm not allergic to…”
healthinfoseeking Could you help me fill out a survey… “Dear DiabeticConnet friends, I am a graduate student and our research team is conducting an online survey about online health information…”

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